Monday, October 29, 2007

"Meet the Fockers"

Our parents met for the first time this weekend! We have been dating for over 5 years, but since they live in different states it hasn't happened until now. Saturday night we went to WE GOTTA BINGO interactive dinner theatre show. It was HILARIOUS! It was an awesome time! Parents had a great time meeting each other!

Monday, October 22, 2007

I is for Invitations......

I am very excited to have Bridget Skoog making our invitations! She is a long time friend of Amber's (Matron of Honor)! She sent me these ideas and they are exactly what I was thinking! I'm so glad we are on the same page! We are getting together this weekend while I'm in Minnesota to talk about paper, colors the whole nine yards. I love the pocket and fold idea for the invitation and we talked about doing a cool ribbon to pull the whole invitation together! Exciting!! :) Bridget is one cool chick! She's VERY creative, hilarious, hard working and best of all loves the Michigan Wolverines! :) GO BLUE!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Cupcakes, cupcakes and more cupcakes! I love it!!! I like the idea of doing cupcakes instead of slicing the cake. The first two cakes below are the style I'd like, the cakes around the stand and on the top a small cake we can actually cut! That way we won't miss out feeding each other on our wedding day! ;)

Monday, October 15, 2007

The Groomsmen!

Jay! - Best Man
They share the same birthday, one year apart and have grown up together. Jay is a pharmaceutical sales rep. Jay lives in Minneapolis, MN and is getting married April 26, 2008!

Mike Sustad! Aaron's Cousin!
Mortgage Broker and lives in Bloomington, MN

Mike MacKenzie! (The one in the middle) Kate's brother!
Specialty Pharmacy Sales Rep for Walgreens. Resides in East Lansing, MI

Dave is the Facilities Manager at the Hilton downtown Minneapolis and a Hockey Official.
Dave is getting married December 15, 2007! He resides in Woodbury, MN.

Brock! Aaron's Brother-in-law.
Head Golf Professional at Territory Golf Course - St. Cloud, MN

Sioux Shop Manager at Ralph Engelstad Arena - Grand Forks, ND

(Mike) Lommen!
Bartender in Cross Lake, MN

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Personal Attendant... to have or not to have...

So I was looking into this personal attendant position... not quite sure what it's all about. but I found this article online. But after this article, I'm thinking I can get all of those duties taken care of with 9 bridesmaids.... any opinions????

What exactly does a personal attendant to do?
I'm not surprised you did not find anything specific about the duties ofa "personal attendant" because it's an old "job" with a fairly new "title". For as long as women have been having weddings in the modern sense we have now, they've been assisted by those close to them whenfamily and friends were available.Both in weddings where I've served as an attendant, and at weddings I have designed for, I've often served in the capacity of "personal attendant". The duties of a personal attendant vary because they *are* very personal.What I would suggest is that you be in touch with this sister in the last week or two before the wedding, if not earlier, so she is fully tuned in to your concerns and priorities. This will help you both decide and understand-- before and during the wedding-- what duties will be most important.Think specifically about what you would like her to handle for you. Then also, keep her updated on anything you are particularly concerned about, so she can keep her eyes open for ways to smooth those situations as the day goes along.
To get you started, some typical "duties" you might ask her to be responsible for:
~helping you transport your gown and attire
~helping you dress
~holding a touch-up/emergency bag for you (lipstick, breath mints, aspirin, safety pins, deodorant/perfume, etc.)
~fielding messages for you at home/ceremony site so your aren't interrupted for every little thing
~protecting your privacy/quiet time pre-ceremony, if you values it
~taking messages/gifts to the groom, if you will not see one another
~various "go-fer" duties-- keep her eyes open on wedding day to see whatneeds to be done, checked, handled, smoothed over.
If she (and the bridesmaids as a group) can do a good job of this, beingJohnny-on-the-spot so you doesn't even hear about some of the little glitches, they can make your day *much* more relaxed.I want to repeat that you should follow your own instincts on what her duties should be. You will know best what you need and Expert-- Sara L. Ambarian author/creativeconsultant/custom bridal designer

Centerpieces & Colors Galore!!!

I love all of these colors! This first one is a little more red than pink/magenta I'm looking for, but I like all of the items together. I still love the idea of floating candles with some turquoise/blue rocks/marbles in bottom in cylinder vases, not too high. I can't seem to find any good pictures of those. All of these pictures were found at

Looooooong tables

I can't agree more with Lynn about long tables. I think it creates a more personal and intimate setting. Although I don't even know if I'll be able to have long tables since I don't have a venue yet. In time .... almost a month away I'll have a good idea (I hope!) of where our wedding will be! :) Pictures were found at

Groomswear... is that a word????

I love these two pictures from the knot. I like the khaki or stone color suit for Aaron, with either a white shirt underneath, or a very colorful shirt - not sure what color that would be. I'm also liking the white shirt with the colorful tie, probably not pink. (I love how simple the bride's dress is in the second picture - sort of like the one I have from Jcrew)

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Bridal Party!


Janie - Maid of Honor!

We met on the bus to middle school! She is back in school to become a teacher! She lives in Ferndale, MI!

Amber - Matron of Honor!

Aaron's sister! Amber just had an adorable little boy - Jude! She's a mommy! She works in Marketing at Tennant. She lives in St Paul, MN

Bri - Bridesmaid!

We met in Girl Scouts in Elementary School! She lives in Baltimore, MD and works at Johns Hopkins! She is engaged and is getting married August 8, 2008 in San Diego!

Vanessa - Bridesmaid!

We met at UofM and lived together for 3 years (even shared a room one year!). She just moved to Brooklyn, NY! She works at Physcians for Reproductive Choice and Health!

Andrea - Bridesmaid!

I've known her since middle school! She is a Connections Manager at MediaVest in NYC. She just got married and lives in Astoria, NY!

Chloe - Flower Girl & Sydney - Jr. Bridesmaid

My favorite girls in Sartell MN! They love the High School Musical!

Marnie - Bridesmaid!

Aaron's sister. She also is a big-wig in a nursing home! She lives in Sartell, MN and loves to scrapbook!

Lynn - Bridesmaid!

We met at UofM and then lived together the year after we graduated in Tampa! She is in her last year of law school and just got a job offer! She is engaged and is getting married 3 weeks before me!!! She lives in Tallahassee, FL!

Meg - Bridesmaid!

My Cousin! She's a big-wig in a nursing home, world traveler, and professional irish dancer!

She lives in Chicago, IL

Colleen - Bridesmaid!

My Cousin! She is a Physical Therapist in Chicago, IL.


I love the idea of a flower in my hair. I will not be having a veil so I think a flower will spice it up!

Flower Power!

I love the daisies! Vibrant contrasting colors to the mosaic blue dresses! I also like the idea of monochromatic boquets with each BM having a different boquet.