Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Bridal Party!


Janie - Maid of Honor!

We met on the bus to middle school! She is back in school to become a teacher! She lives in Ferndale, MI!

Amber - Matron of Honor!

Aaron's sister! Amber just had an adorable little boy - Jude! She's a mommy! She works in Marketing at Tennant. She lives in St Paul, MN

Bri - Bridesmaid!

We met in Girl Scouts in Elementary School! She lives in Baltimore, MD and works at Johns Hopkins! She is engaged and is getting married August 8, 2008 in San Diego!

Vanessa - Bridesmaid!

We met at UofM and lived together for 3 years (even shared a room one year!). She just moved to Brooklyn, NY! She works at Physcians for Reproductive Choice and Health!

Andrea - Bridesmaid!

I've known her since middle school! She is a Connections Manager at MediaVest in NYC. She just got married and lives in Astoria, NY!

Chloe - Flower Girl & Sydney - Jr. Bridesmaid

My favorite girls in Sartell MN! They love the High School Musical!

Marnie - Bridesmaid!

Aaron's sister. She also is a big-wig in a nursing home! She lives in Sartell, MN and loves to scrapbook!

Lynn - Bridesmaid!

We met at UofM and then lived together the year after we graduated in Tampa! She is in her last year of law school and just got a job offer! She is engaged and is getting married 3 weeks before me!!! She lives in Tallahassee, FL!

Meg - Bridesmaid!

My Cousin! She's a big-wig in a nursing home, world traveler, and professional irish dancer!

She lives in Chicago, IL

Colleen - Bridesmaid!

My Cousin! She is a Physical Therapist in Chicago, IL.


Sarah Dennis said...

Kate, WOW what a big bridal party!!! You ladies are going to have so much fun.

Looking forward to see all the pics of the upcoming events.

Vanessa said...