Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Dress Sneaky Peek

Some pics of the dress from my dress fitting.

Little Things...

Purchased a tiara for Chloe our Flowergirl - excited to see it on her! She's going to be very cute!

We are going to buy shawls for the bridesmaids to wear in case it's chilly on Lake Michigan in early October. haha. As long as it doesn't rain!

We are going to have glow necklaces for our guests to relax and have fun and dance the night away with! We thought it was a neat idea! We hope it turns out fun! hahah

Info Sheets & Itineraries

Andrea, my bridesmaid - kindly agreed to format our itineraries for the wedding party! They turned out great and so fun! And the best part is at the end of the night - DANCING!


Amber, my matron of honor also kindly agreed to format our Info Sheets for our OOT bags and she did an awesome job too!

I am so thankful for them!!!

Gift bags galore....

I flew back to Michigan last week to get some wedding "to-dos" done. One was make our OOT (out of town) bags for guests staying at the hotels we had room blocks reserved. So Janie (maid of honor) and I headed to Target and got some goodies including bottled water, granola bars, fruit strips, goldfish & candies. She helped me stuff and beautify. We also put labels on our chinese "takeout" boxes for our "favors". I couldn't have done it without her.. well I could have but it would have taken twice as long.

I then proceeded to wrap all the wedding party gifts so they'd be done when we fly back to Michigan for the WEDDING in a couple weeks.


We headed to San Diego for Bri and Jason's wedding. Bri and I are bridesmaids in each others weddings and it's been nice to have her to get advice from. Her wedding was AMAZING and beautiful. They are such a great couple and we wish we lived closer to them.

Bridesmaid Time

My bridesmaid Lynn, who lives up in Tallahassee Florida, came to visit me after she took the Bar at the end of July. She helped me welcome August in our lives and start the 2 month countdown. We had a fun night of drinks and randomness at Bar Louie, the end of a golf tournament and at Beef O Bradys. She also came with me to pick up my bridesmaid dress for Bri's wedding and thank god it zipped! I was very glad to have her with me - I never have friends around! We also went to Michaels and talked about some craft projects - which I thought I was going to do, but now I don't think I have time... :( But Lynn offered to make our programs and I'm so excited to see the final product! She has this Gocco machine that I'm not even going to try and describe because I have no idea - but I know it produces some cool things. I'm very thankful for her to do them for us!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Guest Do's & Don'ts

I found this great list in Bride's magazine on my way back from my bachelorette party & couples shower in Minnesota! It was eye opening for me being that it's wedding season in our lives right now..... so I thought I'd share.

  • DO RSVP by the Deadline, even if you already told the bride that you'd definitely be there. (RSVPs are the hardest thing to get out of people lately....from my experience & others)
  • DON'T call the Bride the day of the wedding for ANY reason.
  • DO stay upbeat when you talk to the Bride during the months before the big day. She wants to hear that you are excited, not that you have to rearrange your work schedule or can't afford a hotel.
  • DON'T wear white OR cream. Enough Said.
  • DO book your hotel and airfare early. Many couples include logistical details (like where to stay) on their web sites, along with the name of whom to contact with questions - if not the couple, then a parent or a member of the bridal party. (We don't have a contact person, but I like the concept)
  • DON'T bring a gift to the wedding - it might get lost or damaged. The couple will have enough to lug home already. (I think for some people the concept of this is hard because they have been used to it in the past... but makes most sense for the couple)
  • DO make a point of greeting the bride & groom. They'll have people around them all night, so it's okay to wait - not hover nearby. (Put down your drink before going for the big hug).
  • DON'T show up late to the ceremony or reception, as weddings tend to run on an invisible - but tight - time line. (I'm at fault for doing this... but it was due to getting lost... no excuses leave early. )
  • DO help get the party started. That means being one of the first people to hit the dance floor. (I've never had a problem doing this with friends).
  • DON'T change your table at the reception. You risk upsetting the seating plans delicate balance.
  • DO let the DJ do his job, which means not bugging him with requests - the couple have probably labored over the playlist and have a specific idea about the music they want.
  • DON'T take the centerpieces home unless you're told you can. They might be earmarked for charity - or the bride's relatives.
  • DO send any photos you take to the couple ASAP - they'll be grateful to hae some shots to show around.
  • DO follow up with the newlyweds if you've sent a gift but haven't received a thank-you note within three months.

Mens attire....

We found ties for the fathers!

This is what the groomsmen's attire will look like with the solid tie.

Aaron tried on his groom's outfit a couple weeks ago when we got his pants & blazer back from the tailor. I think it's going to look really nice on our wedding day! Aaron will wear the striped tie.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Pre-wedding Life

Aaron has been working on the OOT Favor boxes - we changed from the M&Ms to Jelly Belly's - purple (island punch), green (sour apple) & blue (sour blue raspberry)! So we are almost done with those - had to order some more labels from (http://www.myownlabels.com/) , but we are about 1/2 way there.

We bought what we think will be the ties for the fathers from Macy the other day - it does really help to bring along the groomsmen tie to compare colors - hahah! That was the first time we did that - so the other times Aaron and I were going back and forth if it would match. The dads will also wear the same pants as the groomsmen - as long as we can find the correct sizes - for some reason I can only find the pants in Michigan. Their suits will be different - but that's minor.

We are working on the groomsmen gifts.. and it's coming along - It's hard to buy guys gifts!

After I take the boards on Tuesday, we'll start printing up the address labels for the invitations and get those sent out in the next couple weeks! Yay! So whether I pass or fail... I'm still getting married in October - so that's good! :) haha. I'm looking forward to getting rsvps back and starting the seating chart and getting that figured out.

We found out that our marriage license has a 3 day waiting period - so we bought our tickets to fly into detroit on a Monday - I'll try my dress on and then we'll drive up Tuesday to get to the office in time - then we can pick it up on Friday. So we will be up in Michigan for a week!

I added more rooms to our room block at the Inn - we were nearing the 20 rooms we had blocked and needed to have reserved and the invites haven't even gone out yet - that's great!

Some small touches we talked about at our tasting in May - servers holding small champagne glasses as the guests come down to the ceremony & lumineers (white paper bags w/kitty litter & votive candles inside) to light up the walk way from the ceremony into the club for cocktail hour. The club is also allowing us to make our own cds for cocktail hour & dinner to put in their cd player so we don't have to pay the DJ for those couple hours! This club was throwing out money saving options left & right - it was awesome!

I believe we have chosen our first dance song... that we'll try to keep a surprise... knowing us it may even change! hahah.

I fly up to try on my dress in September for my first fitting - one month from the wedding date!

Our schedules right now completely clash - so we are looking forward to Bri's wedding in a couple weeks in San Diego to have some time together!

The table runners are done! The same seamstress & Aaron's mom are going to make us a ring pillow that will have his grandmothers buttons on them - since she can't physically be at the wedding -we will have something of hers there. The flower girl dress is in the process of being ordered, the Jr. Bridesmaid dress will be made by the seamstress in August when Sydney goes to visit Aaron's parents, the ties have all been bought (lets just hope they fit everyone), rooms have been added, tee times are in the process of being set for the day before the wedding (how fitting), the mom's are looking for their attire - so we need to still look for rings, print up programs, send out invitations, send money to the baker (eek!) and I'm sure there are more things to do!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Start the fireworks....it's time to celebrate!!!!


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

3 months out - FREAK OUT!

This past weekend we had our couple's shower and bachelor & bachelorette parties in Minneapolis. The weekend was filled with fun, friends & family!

We got some great gifts at the shower and I got lots of underwear and goodies at the bachelorette party! Thank you everyone!!!! It was such a great time!!!!

Once we returned to Florida after an awesome weekend we realized our wedding is 3 months from Friday! Eeeek! is what went through my head! So I had a freak out - we have a list of things still to do.... flowergirl dress... fabric for table runners... favor boxes for OOT bags...favors for reception.... i haven't tried on my wedding dress yet since they sent the WRONG dress... so I still need to do that and a fitting... tailoring of Aaron's wedding attire.... ties for the fathers... dresses for the mothers.... invitations - address labels made - stamped & sent.... cupcake & cookie deposit/form sent.... call about the marriage license.... jr bridesmaid dress made...make the programs...and I'm sure I'm forgetting much more!

After my spasotic moment...my wonderful fiance came to the rescue and made me realize that I'm not in Michigan anymore and that he is here to help and actually WANTS to help since he feels like he hasn't had a part in the wedding yet - who would have known?? How awesome is that - so with his help I know we can do this. AND ...My future mother-in-law called today and told me that we have MORE than enough fabric for the head table runner so we dont' need to buy anymore - so that's awesome - she helped me check that off my list. I'm going to try and fly home in September to try on the wedding dress and then again the week of the wedding - because of the wrong dress being shipped Fantastic Finds (Bridal Salon) is taking care of all of the alterations needed! In order to get our marriage license we need to be up in Emmet County/Petoskey on the Tuesday prior to our wedding in order to pick up the license on Friday - no blood test required!

So... as we are approaching the 4th of July (which I have to work on... but that's ok I've been gone for a week having fun)... I realize that I need to take one day at a time... and ask for help of my fiance....he may not just do things on his own....but with some direction he is willing.

I miss all our family & friends!!!!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Couples Shower!

Noooo... not a couple IN a shower..... a wedding shower for a couple! :) This coming Saturday Aaron's Aunt & Uncle are having a shower for us and we can't wait! It'll be great to see Aaron's family & our friends that will be in town for our bachelor & bachelorette parties that same night! Yay! I can't wait to see everyone - and after moving and starting a new job - it's the perfect timing to get together with friends & family!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Something BLUE!

I just ordered my wedding shoes! I hope I'm not jinxing it! I hope they fit!! :) I really like them!

Saturday, June 14, 2008


I saw this great idea on Weddingbee (www.weddingbee.com) posted by Mrs. Penguin (http://www.weddingbee.com/2008/05/21/programs-sorta/). I'm going to try and make something like this ... well lets say I'd love to have something I make come out like this. hahha! I love the eyelet idea and how it fans out. I'm going to have to try it out sometime - sounds like a tirp to JoAnns or Michaels in the future!


Eureka has landed! Friday we got a shower gift from Aaron's parents - a Eureka Vacuum! How exciting! We had a little Dirt Devil that we had to PUSH across the floor - this one actually propels itself - yay! I've already vacuumed twice since yesterday! It's funny how vacuums can be exciting! I love the handle - it's massive and cool looking! Thanks Karen & Lyle!

Apartment Shmartment

So, here are pictures of our apartment - I'm not thrilled about this apartment - it's a one bedroom (not pictured due to complete messiness) and we just have too much stuff for a one bedroom - plus we need room for guests & office stuff. We've already been looking at new bedrooms for when our lease is up at the end of October.
(Living room - standing at the doorway)

(Living room with dining room behind & our little computer station)

(Dining room filled with shower gifts on the side and non matching chairs)

(Our lovely OLD kitchen - I can't stand it - but new appliances help it out - our new trashcan from IKEA ($4) )

(Looking out into the living room and door)

(Our Lanai with our Michigan Chairs - we also have a storage closet out there that is really nice to have)

(Our bathroom - it also has a closet in here that is not pictured - so that helps us stash stuff in there)

Does the color have to match exactly??

So the groomsmen are going to wear the solid green tie and I found a striped green tie for Aaron - well of course I didnt have the green tie with me when I bought the tie for Aaron to wear - well Aaron doesn't think they match close enough. We may keep looking - what do you think? We are still looking for ties for the dads that have the green in them - so we may change Aaron's tie if we find something - we definitely will bring one of the solid ties with us. :) (You'd think the bride would care more about the exact color, not the groom! haha!)

Favor Boxes

I put together one of our favor boxes for the welcome bags & added a sticker - tada! I got the favor boxes from JeanM (www.myjeanm.com) and the label/stickers from My Wedding Labels (www.myweddinglabels.com). I'm planning on filling these with m&ms. :) But I'm trying to decide if I should put the boxes together down here, and fill them up in Michigan so the weather does melt the m&ms in route to MI.


I made it to Florida! Aaron flew up to Michigan and drove down with me! It definitely made the time in the car go fast. The first night we drove to the border of Ohio & Kentucky - we stayed in Covington, KY - we got to the hotel at about 13o am. The second day it never seemed like we'd get through Kentucky, but we did and we made it through Tenessee as well. We stopped at Sonic to get a bite to eat in the humid & hot weather, well lets just say both our meals ended up in the garbage - it was not as good as it was supposed to be. So we continued until we found a Fuddruckers in Georgia. We spent the second night in Valdosta, Georgia - we were able to get a little more sleep and wake up a little later this time. We headed out at 10am to Tallahassee, Florida to visit Lynn & Matt. It only took us about 1.5 hours to get there it wasn't bad at all! We spent a couple hours in Tally - we got a nice tour of FSU's campus and then had lunch at the FSU golf course and headed back to their apartment to hang out before we left. We headed out around 245pm and made it to Ft Myers (after picking aaron's car up at the airport) around 930pm - this included a stop in Sarasota at a Chick-fil-a! The first week in Florida - Aaron's coworkers got together for a cookout and a game of catch phrase (battle of the sexes) - of course the women won!

(Lynn & I)

(The soon to be Mr & Mrs Small)

(Aaron and I at the cookout)

(Danielle, me & Ashlee)

(Dan, Ali, Brian, Danielle, Aaron, Me (w/eyes shut), Ashlee & Russ - no one in this picture is from Ft Myers, FL - Ashlee is the only one BORN in the state of Florida)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Cake....Flowers...Tasting... Bay Harbor....

This weekend I went up to Bay Harbor with my parents to taste cake, meet our florist & decide on flowers, taste food for the reception, and meet our wedding planner. We stayed at the Inn at Bay Harbor with a Lake View on the first floor and it was spectacular. The weather was awesome and the colors were beautiful. We've decided on a baker, on choices for dinner, setup for the reception, our favor (finally!), and orchids for our flowers & centerpieces! I've included some photos from the weekend.