Sunday, May 25, 2008

Cake....Flowers...Tasting... Bay Harbor....

This weekend I went up to Bay Harbor with my parents to taste cake, meet our florist & decide on flowers, taste food for the reception, and meet our wedding planner. We stayed at the Inn at Bay Harbor with a Lake View on the first floor and it was spectacular. The weather was awesome and the colors were beautiful. We've decided on a baker, on choices for dinner, setup for the reception, our favor (finally!), and orchids for our flowers & centerpieces! I've included some photos from the weekend.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm trying to find a pair of fun, comfortable, vibrant flats to wear under my wedding dress. This what I've found on Macy's website so far... any favorites? I'm open for ideas if you see something that would work!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Illinois Bridal Shower

Saturday my mom's family had a bridal shower for me in Willmette, IL - suburb of Chicago. It was a beautiful day full of gorgeous flowers, delicious food, awesome people, wonderful gifts & great memories! Just a couple pictures from the shower. Andrea, my bridesmaid, flew in from NYC to be there for the shower - it was so fun to be with her for the weekend and have her at the shower! The weekend was full of smiles & giggles. :)

Graduation/Pinning Ceremony

I graduated from Nursing School! I never thought I'd get through this Accelerated program - but I did! It feels awesome, but at the same time I have that lost feeling - I've been going to school for 14 months - that's been my life... now it's REAL and I'm gonna be working as a nurse, in a different city & state - crazy. This past year and a half was a whirlwind - never thought it'd end, thought I'd fail out so many times... but I made it! Here are some pictures from the pinning ceremony & day.

Baaaa-lazers....and tie.

We found a great deal for navy blazers at Kohls - going with our theme of the guys being able to wear their attire again if they so desired. I don't really shop at Kohls - but the blazers are decent and will do the job.

While at Kohls I also found the perfect tie for Aaron for the wedding to set him apart from the groomsmen - it has the same green in it but it has white stripes in it - yay!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I did a trial run for my hair today! I didn't have my headpiece/headband so we didn't get the full effect but we figured out the part and the curls! I'm very excited! My hairstylist Pam is awesome and I'm so happy she'll be doing my hair the day of the wedding!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I am finally done with nursing school! Friday is our pinning ceremony and it's all surreal to me at the moment! I am not really sure where the past 14 months went - there were times when I never thought the end would come, and there were times when I didn't think I'd make it to the end.. but I made it and I couldn't have done it without my friends in class and support of family & friends. Last week after our last exam our class went out for a bar crawl and it was so much fun! There were comments afterwards saying "I didn't know you were that fun!" haha - we save the best for last! :) Quotes from the evening were "I will pay $4.50 to go to the lugnuts game and no more" (this ended w/me getting FREE tickets to the game via my bro) ... "Kate you have judging eyes..." my response "if I do then you do too.." her response "ok yes I do you're right" ... and "I have a malformation" (meaning to say a Mutation)... oh and of course me tying my sweatshirt around my neck looking like a tennis buff - haha - but I remember it all and ending the night dancing at Rum Runners was awesome. :) good times!

Starting off at Bonnies... margaritas and a burger!
(Me, Jen, Susan, Lesley, Erin, Kellie & Dana)

Strong Margaritas!

Anna & I - we had every clinical but 2 together!!! I will miss her dearly!

Me & Bob - He's a gentle giant.

(Me, Sean & Susan - Andre in the back)
Chillin at Stober's

Lockermates! Outside at Moriarty's - see the bloody???

Kellie, Me, Jen & Dana inside Moriarty's

Nuthouse - Kellie, Bethann (280 clinical instructor) & me!

Rum Runners!!! Don't stop believing song we requested!!! :)
We lost our voices the next day from this very moment!