Friday, September 21, 2007

Cake topper!

How funny is this cake topper! It's perfect!

Unity Sand Ceremony.... and make art for your home!

I saw this at a wedding a week ago and LOVED the idea. They are vases, and then the bride and groom have separate sand colors, pour into the middle vase. Once it's done you have a centerpiece for your house because the 3 vases fit together! If it's on the beach candles are just not going to work. I like this idea!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Dollar dance... to do or not to do...

This weekend at a wedding (picture above is NOT from the wedding I attended this weekend - it's from a DJ website) the conversation about doing a dollar dance or not came up.... I know that they are tradition in a lot of places and families... but I feel torn because I don't want to offend people - they make the trip all the way down to FL, pay for hotel, plane ticket, food etc... and then for a dance with me? hahaha. Anyone have any thoughts on this matter???

Pass on favors... donate to a great cause...

Make a pink envelope donation on behalf of your wedding guests

Your donation of $100 or more on behalf your wedding guests, or on behalf of a loved one, will help grant wishes to people who have been diagnosed with terminal breast cancer. Your memorable day will create lasting memories for others in a critical time of their lives.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Resorts we are looking into in November...

In November, I am going down to Florida with my parents to look at 3 resorts. Longboat Key Club & Resort (top picture), Sanibel Harbor Resort & Spa (middle picture), & Marco Island Marriott Resort, Spa & Golf (bottom picture).

What we have so far....

We have chosen our wedding party, and the bridesmaid dresses have been purchased. They are from Jcrew on sale for under $100. Bridesmaids chose which style they preferred to wear.