Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wedding Planner!!!!

We booked our wedding planner today!!!! I'm so excited and relieved at the same time! I now can rest easy knowing someone else will be dealing with all the details the day of the wedding! She will take over a month out from the wedding and become our contact person! We've only talked on the phone but she seems great and we are meeting with her when we go up for our busy weekend in May! She lives in Charlevoix - 15 min from Bay Harbor and knows the area and venue well, so it's perfect!!!! We just need to taste the cake from Bella e Dolce in May & decide and then we should have all our vendors taken care of!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Welcome Treats!

Welcome bags have to come with welcome treats! So I'm procrastinating studying right now to look at options. I came across the the M&Ms that you can custom print - but you'll pay a custom price for them - so I was thinking of doing the plain colors in bulk it's about 70% cheaper, and then I'll do a couple smaller bags with print and mix them together??? Just a thought. I have tins in mind to put them in and then add labels I've already had made. :)

The tins are from Jean M - just not sure which one I'll do - probably the cheaper one. :)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Janie is engaged!!! Yay!

My maid of honor, Janie got engaged this past weekend! I'm very excited for her, she's found a great guy! They are planning on August 15, 2009 to seal the deal :) Yay Janie!

(Her beautiful ring!)
I went with Janie to Douglas J so she could get a manicure since she'll be showing off her hands more now with the new bling bling! :) She really needed a relaxing manicure with all this excitement! We proceeded to get some food afterwards ... yum yum :)

School is coming to an end...

Nursing school is quickly coming to an end.... today we met for lunch before going to our practice pinning at school. Here are some pictures from our lunch at Bonnie's. I am one out of 2 people in our class who are moving out of Michigan and I will be sad to leave my new friends behind. A week from tomorrow is our last test!!! Yay!

(Jen, Dana, Jen & Me)

(Lesley & Amy)

(Andre, Amy, Nate, Jen, Anna, Erin, Joe, Mark, Dana & Lesley)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Basketcase :)

Today I started packing up to ship some boxes to Florida to decrease the amount of stuff I drive down in my car. Amongst graduating, wedding planning, moving, starting a career and leaving friends I've made I've been a basketcase the past couple days. Everything is making me cry! Ahh! Hopefully this will pass until graduation actually gets here! I started this journey 14 months ago in Minnesota where I found out I got into nursing school and cried because I was so happy to finally get into nursing school and cried because I knew Aaron and I wouldn't be together during that time. And now I'm ending the journey crying - what a coincidence. So the many faces of Kate are below (excuse the no makeup) while I pack up.

Friday, April 18, 2008

JoAnn's.... who would have thought..

I have no idea how to sew anything... so I never thought I'd ever buy fabric at Jo-Ann Fabric Store... but I did... Aaron's mom's friend is making us table runners out of this organza fabric. I had to go to 3 different Jo-Ann's to get enough fabric - I'm hoping it's enough! haha! But the fabric was 50% off this week so I had to get it!

I came to Jo-Ann's with 2 50% off coupons and figured I should use at least one while I was there (haha!) - so I caved and got a small "birdcage" wedding card holder - it was 1/2 off so that helped and I figure... maybe we can use it again sometime???? hahahah!

All in all.... Jo-Ann's really is better than I knew of it growing up - it has TONS of stuff OTHER than fabric - so I guess this is a plug for Jo-Ann's. :)
PS- Sorry I haven't been blogging much in between this past week was crazy at school - only 2.5 weeks to go! :)

Friday, April 11, 2008

Rehearsal Dinner!

Rehearsal Dinner will be at Knot Just A Bar - it's within walking distance of the hotel and a cute & casual place w/great food! It's perfect atmosphere for us! I'm looking forward to it! :)

Monday, April 7, 2008

April is here!

April is here! It feels like spring today! I hope our wedding is even remotely like today in October - cross your fingers! Just thought I'd post some pictures of the hotel we'll be staying at for our wedding, and the beautiful golf course we'll be getting married at... It's getting closer and closer! Graduation is 5 weeks away with clinicals, presentations, physical assessment evaluations, and 2 more exams! It's crazy! Wedding is about 6 months away - eek! Shower in May & June w/bachelorette party! :) Things are coming together. We are going to taste some cake in May and figure out who will be our baker. Consult with the florist in May, tasting for reception in May... fun fun fun :)