Friday, April 18, 2008

JoAnn's.... who would have thought..

I have no idea how to sew anything... so I never thought I'd ever buy fabric at Jo-Ann Fabric Store... but I did... Aaron's mom's friend is making us table runners out of this organza fabric. I had to go to 3 different Jo-Ann's to get enough fabric - I'm hoping it's enough! haha! But the fabric was 50% off this week so I had to get it!

I came to Jo-Ann's with 2 50% off coupons and figured I should use at least one while I was there (haha!) - so I caved and got a small "birdcage" wedding card holder - it was 1/2 off so that helped and I figure... maybe we can use it again sometime???? hahahah!

All in all.... Jo-Ann's really is better than I knew of it growing up - it has TONS of stuff OTHER than fabric - so I guess this is a plug for Jo-Ann's. :)
PS- Sorry I haven't been blogging much in between this past week was crazy at school - only 2.5 weeks to go! :)

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