Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I am finally done with nursing school! Friday is our pinning ceremony and it's all surreal to me at the moment! I am not really sure where the past 14 months went - there were times when I never thought the end would come, and there were times when I didn't think I'd make it to the end.. but I made it and I couldn't have done it without my friends in class and support of family & friends. Last week after our last exam our class went out for a bar crawl and it was so much fun! There were comments afterwards saying "I didn't know you were that fun!" haha - we save the best for last! :) Quotes from the evening were "I will pay $4.50 to go to the lugnuts game and no more" (this ended w/me getting FREE tickets to the game via my bro) ... "Kate you have judging eyes..." my response "if I do then you do too.." her response "ok yes I do you're right" ... and "I have a malformation" (meaning to say a Mutation)... oh and of course me tying my sweatshirt around my neck looking like a tennis buff - haha - but I remember it all and ending the night dancing at Rum Runners was awesome. :) good times!

Starting off at Bonnies... margaritas and a burger!
(Me, Jen, Susan, Lesley, Erin, Kellie & Dana)

Strong Margaritas!

Anna & I - we had every clinical but 2 together!!! I will miss her dearly!

Me & Bob - He's a gentle giant.

(Me, Sean & Susan - Andre in the back)
Chillin at Stober's

Lockermates! Outside at Moriarty's - see the bloody???

Kellie, Me, Jen & Dana inside Moriarty's

Nuthouse - Kellie, Bethann (280 clinical instructor) & me!

Rum Runners!!! Don't stop believing song we requested!!! :)
We lost our voices the next day from this very moment!

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