Saturday, June 14, 2008

Apartment Shmartment

So, here are pictures of our apartment - I'm not thrilled about this apartment - it's a one bedroom (not pictured due to complete messiness) and we just have too much stuff for a one bedroom - plus we need room for guests & office stuff. We've already been looking at new bedrooms for when our lease is up at the end of October.
(Living room - standing at the doorway)

(Living room with dining room behind & our little computer station)

(Dining room filled with shower gifts on the side and non matching chairs)

(Our lovely OLD kitchen - I can't stand it - but new appliances help it out - our new trashcan from IKEA ($4) )

(Looking out into the living room and door)

(Our Lanai with our Michigan Chairs - we also have a storage closet out there that is really nice to have)

(Our bathroom - it also has a closet in here that is not pictured - so that helps us stash stuff in there)

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