Friday, September 21, 2007

Unity Sand Ceremony.... and make art for your home!

I saw this at a wedding a week ago and LOVED the idea. They are vases, and then the bride and groom have separate sand colors, pour into the middle vase. Once it's done you have a centerpiece for your house because the 3 vases fit together! If it's on the beach candles are just not going to work. I like this idea!


Jeff said...

The Wedding Unity Sand Ceremony is becoming more and more popular because it's such a unique and touching addition to any ceremony. It's also a great solution for outdoor Weddings, as you pointed out. Heirloom Hourglass,, offers a great alternative to the vases - an hourglass you can actually fill yourself with real beach sand or colored sand. They say that the hourglass is the ultimate symbol of the passage of time, so when the Bride and Groom pour in their sands and they blend together, they really create an heirloom that can be passed down for generations. The newlyweds can turn the hourglass over each night and the sands blend more and more, which is very symbolic of their marriage and the union of their families. These are handcrafted in Upstate NY, and the quality is tremendous. Please check out the website at

Congratulations on your upcoming Wedding!

Tom Young said...

You may want to check out T & K Young where Tom Young has been making hourglasses since 1975.

Tom has offered custom filled and personalized hourglasses for several years. Rather than novelties Tom's hourglasses are of a quality that you will cherish for years to come.

Tom’s Wedding Hourglass selection includes both Basic Wedding Hourglasses as well as Sand Ceremony Wedding Hourglasses.

Not only does Tom offer hourglasses that you can fill yourself, he is able to personalize your hourglass with in-house laser engraving of your choice of the entire wedding invitation, the wedding vows or another personal message on one side. On the other side your names along with your wedding date are laser engraved creating a stunning keepsake.

Rebecca said...

We just purchased a Heirloom Hourglass about a month ago for our August wedding and there is no topping it! My fiance, Andy picked out the Blue stone one and it looks even better in person than the pics. Great way to do a sand ceremony. Worth checking out - tell them Rebecca and Andrew sent you!

Janny said...
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Anonymous said...

Marie P... I'm sorry to say that Tom Young has not fulfilled at least three Sand Ceremony orders according to emails that I received from disappointed customers. He didn't answer emails, his phone, faxes, three Certified letters, or two complaint inquiries from the Better Business Bureau of Northern Illinois.