Sunday, November 11, 2007

Found the perfect place!

Bay Harbor Golf Club

Back side of Clubhouse facing Lake Michigan (View from the back of the clubhouse)

Ceremony space (Hopefully) - golf carts usually go here. :)

View from ceremony space

Inside the clubhouse - view from front door - the area we are standing in will be seating and the area in front that is rounded can be used for seating as well.

The larger of the 3 rooms - those are the tables & chairs that go on the deck in the back
The "yellow" room they call it - this off to the right of the big open space above - seating would be in here as well.
To the left of the big room is the bar area - we would take out the bar chairs and pull out the tables to have seating along the side - this would be more of the younger crowd sitting in here.
This is from the other end of the bar - the dance floor would go in this corner.
This is the beautiful bar! It's a little dark but the wood is awesome! The ceiling in this room is wood and it's in the shape of a boat turned upside down!

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