Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bridesmaid Time

My bridesmaid Lynn, who lives up in Tallahassee Florida, came to visit me after she took the Bar at the end of July. She helped me welcome August in our lives and start the 2 month countdown. We had a fun night of drinks and randomness at Bar Louie, the end of a golf tournament and at Beef O Bradys. She also came with me to pick up my bridesmaid dress for Bri's wedding and thank god it zipped! I was very glad to have her with me - I never have friends around! We also went to Michaels and talked about some craft projects - which I thought I was going to do, but now I don't think I have time... :( But Lynn offered to make our programs and I'm so excited to see the final product! She has this Gocco machine that I'm not even going to try and describe because I have no idea - but I know it produces some cool things. I'm very thankful for her to do them for us!

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Anonymous said...

In the first picture, it looks like I'm wearing a toupee. Seriously! You post the worst pictures of me, woman! You're lucky that I love you.