Wednesday, February 20, 2008

BLAH BLAH BLAH basically...

Ok, so the last 2 weeks I studied my butt off for school and put wedding planning on the side - wow it was great - yes I had moments of - I should be calling this place, oooh that's a great idea - but I surprisingly stayed focus. So I took yesterday to think about wedding stuff - man that was a really bad decision - maybe I should go back to focusing on school - I felt more stressed out about wedding decisions, planning etc... than trying to get a 4.0 on my last test.

This is what I don't get, why does it end up being stressful at points? I mean it sounds like it should be so easy. It's hard too when you have to ask people for help... and then they don't really want to help - never expected that.. but I guess I shouldn't of had expectations for this. In the grand scheme of things stupid decisons are not what this is all about - and it's hard not to fall into it forgetting why you are planning this grand event. Aaron and I are getting married after 6 years in April of being together and that couldn't make me more happy right now. For people who have never planned a wedding - there are SO many more things to decide than you'd EVER imagine. You'd think just picking a photographer, DJ, florist, baker etc... and thats it...ooooh no that's not it - there are so many little decisions within ONE big decision - I don't think I really understood that before. (Deep breath) Now I do. It looks fun and glamorous on the outside... but it can't be that way all the time. You are putting your trust in complete strangers to make your day special and beautiful. COMPLETE STRANGERS. I guess everyone does it and it works out - so there's no turning back.

Then there's a point where you want info and ideas, but then there are the people who TELL you what you should do cause thats what THEY would want, but how come it can't just be - ok here are ideas do with that what you wish. There's always that... oooh that's nice... but inside it's really not you.... AHHHHHHHHHHH!

Thankfully I have friends who have made me feel sane during this process by supporting me and having my back - making me feel as though I'm not as crazy as I feel - Thank you! In the end we are going to have a fun day and I'm marrying someone who cares so deeply for me and is so genuine and caring I couldn't ask for a better person to marry. We've been on a long road to this day and I'm happy it's finally getting closer - We've been honest with each other throughout and compromised to achieve each others dreams in life - I can't wait to see what life will be like once we start our own family.

The vent is over. Ciao.

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Anonymous said...

First off, I love the new look of your blog!!! Secondly, hang in there babe. October will be here before you know it. Let's just say that New Year's Eve will be very fun! :) Miss & love you!