Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Journey

August 2004, almost 4 years ago I moved back to Michigan from spending a year in Florida working as a pharmacy tech, in hopes of beginning a career in nursing. I knew I'd have at least a year of prerequisite classes to take to even be considered for nursing school. But my naive self had no idea how long it'd really take me.

I started classes fall 2004 at LCC and began my trek of Anatomy, Physiology, Healthy Lifestyles, Pharmacology, Microbiology and math class of course. Spring 2005 I found out that I did not have enough points to get into the nursing program at LCC for the fall. I started looking into BSN programs (Bachelor of Nursing programs) - but every university had it's own unique set of prereqs - I'd be taking classes forever. I was set on getting my BSN and ditching the ASN (Associate in Nursing) program at LCC.

By the end of December 2005, Aaron had decided to take a job with his brother-in-law in Saint Cloud Minnesota at a golf course. St Cloud State University has a Bachelor of Science Nursing program and I thought this would work perfectly. All the while I have a Bachelor's degree - so once again naive me thought of course they'll take me. Ha! Not so fast my little friend. I took a chemistry class at SCSU to even be looked at for their program and I took a Pathophysiology course that I had to beg the professor to let me in to because it's reserved only for nursing students already in the program. I applied for their Accelerated program - they were going to take 16 students - I got an interview - YAY! - but I didn't get into the program - either what I wrote about my dreams of being a nurse at the interview killed my spot or I just wasn't up to par. I did find out that they only took 8 students - ouch! So I continue on and apply for their normal 2.5 year program that freshman & sophomore students apply too. I made it past the first stage - I get to take the entrance test - Yay! - but of course before we take the exam the proctor tells us that most of us sitting in that room will not be admitted to the program due to a lack of teachers and clinical sites. That was great motivation right before the test. I scored OK on the test, but obviously not GOOD enough. I also was told that freshman & sophomores got first pick because it was their first try at a bachelors degree and that all of us applying with a previous bachelors degree were chosen last if there were spots left open. OUCH! Yes, the whole time I thought my degree was working for me, I shouldn't of even had a degree - better odds!

May 2006 - my friend Lindsey gets into the LCC Part-time program - couldn't be more happy for her - we had taken many classes together at LCC prior to me leaving and both were waiting to get into nursing school. At the same time I felt my life was going no where - should I reconsider this dream of mine, or keep on trucking? Lindsey, thankfully told me about LCC starting an Accelerated nursing program and that some of the full time nursing students with bachelors degrees were going to be moved into this new class that would start March 2007. It was a 14 month program and would end May 2008. I rechecked the prereqs for LCC - check I had them all - I figured even though I'm in Minnesota I'll apply and see if I get in - it wouldn't hurt - I've been rejected many times before this - why not - we'll consider the complications later. So I had to fly back to Michigan to attend a nursing meeting that is required and meet with an advisor also required - at the meeting an instructor says - oh yeah the Accelerated program is full - no point in applying. How completely frustrated was I, I flew all this way for you to tell me this??? So I still go to the advisor appointment on Monday - completely different story - no there are 12-15 spots still open - you're a great candidate still apply. I turn everything in by hand and just wait. The deadline was Dec 1st I believe and they said they would tell us in February - which at the time made NO sense to me since the program started in March.

In the beginning of January right after I made an appointment for an interview for a position near the cities I get a call from the LCC nursing department - asking me if I'm still interested in the program because I live in Minnesota. I say yes of course and that's all she had to say. I call back to see if she can tell me more and she said it'd be sent out that week. So I anxiously await a letter in the mail - of course it took waaaay longer at least it felt that way. I finally get it and I'm shaking and I got in!!!!! I immediately start crying out of happiness and then start crying out of fear. How am I going to pull this off? I have to move home by February. Is Aaron going to move with me? Will I go alone? Will we be long distance for a year or so? I put that behind me until Aaron comes home. He walks through the door thinking I've made dinner for him - since I was workin a few nights at Target I had more time on my hands. He gives me this look like where is dinner and I say... no we are going out to dinner... and he says we are? And I said yes ... because I got into nursing school!!!! He stands there in shock - we hug and both start crying. I had waited sooo long to get into nursing school my tears were filled with joy & frustration. I was in shock.

Things moved quickly from there - I flew home to attend a pharmacology math course that was a couple days long. February 7th Aaron proposed to me, February 12th we drove back to MI and Feb 14th Aaron flew back to MN.

Classes started after spring break - March 12 or so? And we are almost here a year later. The summer seemed to drag on... but once we came around the bend and got through August everything since has flown by - we are about to end this class and move on to our last class! It's amazing how crazy this past year has been and how much I have learned. Nursing has opened my eyes to so many things and I never realized it was what it is...

For some reason it was supposed to take me 4 years to get to this place in my life. Now I am ready for school to come to a close, but at the same time I'm anxious and nervous about getting a job, moving to Florida, leaving my friendships here in Michigan and beginning a career I've been waiting for.


Anonymous said...

You are so inspiring! I'm so proud of you for stickin' with it, I love you Katie!!!!

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The Mom said...

YAAAAAAAAAY for graduating and YAAAAAAAAAAY for moving to FLORIDA!!!


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