Tuesday, July 1, 2008

3 months out - FREAK OUT!

This past weekend we had our couple's shower and bachelor & bachelorette parties in Minneapolis. The weekend was filled with fun, friends & family!

We got some great gifts at the shower and I got lots of underwear and goodies at the bachelorette party! Thank you everyone!!!! It was such a great time!!!!

Once we returned to Florida after an awesome weekend we realized our wedding is 3 months from Friday! Eeeek! is what went through my head! So I had a freak out - we have a list of things still to do.... flowergirl dress... fabric for table runners... favor boxes for OOT bags...favors for reception.... i haven't tried on my wedding dress yet since they sent the WRONG dress... so I still need to do that and a fitting... tailoring of Aaron's wedding attire.... ties for the fathers... dresses for the mothers.... invitations - address labels made - stamped & sent.... cupcake & cookie deposit/form sent.... call about the marriage license.... jr bridesmaid dress made...make the programs...and I'm sure I'm forgetting much more!

After my spasotic moment...my wonderful fiance came to the rescue and made me realize that I'm not in Michigan anymore and that he is here to help and actually WANTS to help since he feels like he hasn't had a part in the wedding yet - who would have known?? How awesome is that - so with his help I know we can do this. AND ...My future mother-in-law called today and told me that we have MORE than enough fabric for the head table runner so we dont' need to buy anymore - so that's awesome - she helped me check that off my list. I'm going to try and fly home in September to try on the wedding dress and then again the week of the wedding - because of the wrong dress being shipped Fantastic Finds (Bridal Salon) is taking care of all of the alterations needed! In order to get our marriage license we need to be up in Emmet County/Petoskey on the Tuesday prior to our wedding in order to pick up the license on Friday - no blood test required!

So... as we are approaching the 4th of July (which I have to work on... but that's ok I've been gone for a week having fun)... I realize that I need to take one day at a time... and ask for help of my fiance....he may not just do things on his own....but with some direction he is willing.

I miss all our family & friends!!!!!

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