Saturday, July 12, 2008

Pre-wedding Life

Aaron has been working on the OOT Favor boxes - we changed from the M&Ms to Jelly Belly's - purple (island punch), green (sour apple) & blue (sour blue raspberry)! So we are almost done with those - had to order some more labels from ( , but we are about 1/2 way there.

We bought what we think will be the ties for the fathers from Macy the other day - it does really help to bring along the groomsmen tie to compare colors - hahah! That was the first time we did that - so the other times Aaron and I were going back and forth if it would match. The dads will also wear the same pants as the groomsmen - as long as we can find the correct sizes - for some reason I can only find the pants in Michigan. Their suits will be different - but that's minor.

We are working on the groomsmen gifts.. and it's coming along - It's hard to buy guys gifts!

After I take the boards on Tuesday, we'll start printing up the address labels for the invitations and get those sent out in the next couple weeks! Yay! So whether I pass or fail... I'm still getting married in October - so that's good! :) haha. I'm looking forward to getting rsvps back and starting the seating chart and getting that figured out.

We found out that our marriage license has a 3 day waiting period - so we bought our tickets to fly into detroit on a Monday - I'll try my dress on and then we'll drive up Tuesday to get to the office in time - then we can pick it up on Friday. So we will be up in Michigan for a week!

I added more rooms to our room block at the Inn - we were nearing the 20 rooms we had blocked and needed to have reserved and the invites haven't even gone out yet - that's great!

Some small touches we talked about at our tasting in May - servers holding small champagne glasses as the guests come down to the ceremony & lumineers (white paper bags w/kitty litter & votive candles inside) to light up the walk way from the ceremony into the club for cocktail hour. The club is also allowing us to make our own cds for cocktail hour & dinner to put in their cd player so we don't have to pay the DJ for those couple hours! This club was throwing out money saving options left & right - it was awesome!

I believe we have chosen our first dance song... that we'll try to keep a surprise... knowing us it may even change! hahah.

I fly up to try on my dress in September for my first fitting - one month from the wedding date!

Our schedules right now completely clash - so we are looking forward to Bri's wedding in a couple weeks in San Diego to have some time together!

The table runners are done! The same seamstress & Aaron's mom are going to make us a ring pillow that will have his grandmothers buttons on them - since she can't physically be at the wedding -we will have something of hers there. The flower girl dress is in the process of being ordered, the Jr. Bridesmaid dress will be made by the seamstress in August when Sydney goes to visit Aaron's parents, the ties have all been bought (lets just hope they fit everyone), rooms have been added, tee times are in the process of being set for the day before the wedding (how fitting), the mom's are looking for their attire - so we need to still look for rings, print up programs, send out invitations, send money to the baker (eek!) and I'm sure there are more things to do!

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